Breaking Down Sean McCarthy's 3-Tier Approach to Marketing

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 6, 2021 | Culture, People, Sponsored Post,

A good marketing campaign has a clear direction and offers actionable steps that can generate the maximum amount of attention and engagement from its target audience. Entrepreneur Sean McCarthy is the owner of McCarthy Hospitality Group, a company whose reach extends to social media and talent management as well as technology consulting. Working within such an eclectic range of industries, McCarthy has had to develop go-to strategies that can guarantee results. One of these strategies is McCarthy’s three-tier approach to marketing.


Sean McCarthy shares that his three-tier marketing approach is a balanced blueprint for simplifying the marketing process. He breaks down the three tiers of his marketing approach as being essential influencer marketing, targeted ad spending, and limited print marketing. Starting with the first tier, McCarthy explains that influencer marketing takes an integrated approach that helps your product reach its target audience through a medium that they already enjoy. The second tier, targeted ad spending, focuses on targeted ads that are designed specifically for your audience. The third tier in McCarthy’s approach is the use of print marketing, and implements carefully placed print advertising. Speaking of the overall effectiveness of his three-tier approach, McCarthy says, “Every good marketing campaign should take a balanced approach and never rely on just one area of advertising to portray its message.”

Sean McCarthy entered the entrepreneurial world through his interest in the hospitality industry and, in particular, its nightlife sector. McCarthy shares that he found his passion in being able to curate carefully-shaped experiences for people that have a lasting effect.

The power of a well-executed marketing campaign should never be underestimated, and Sean McCarthy believes that with the right approach it can easily recoup the time and capital invested in it.

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