Of Course, Beyoncé Wore Balmain During Her Coachella Performance

By Gary Duff | April 18, 2018 | Style & Beauty

Did you love Beyoncé's iconic looks at Coachella too? According to Vogue, the singer tapped Balmain's Olivier Rousteing to craft several custom outfits for her debut on the grand stage this past weekend.


Rusteing managed to complete two custom Balmain stage wardrobes for Beyoncé, the first of which she wore this past weekend and the second, which she'll wear in her next Coachella performance this weekend; then a set of outfits for Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, who joined the singer onstage for a medley of Destiny's Child hits; and the 200 plus dancers who took the Coachella stage with her, with just weeks to spare.

The entire wardrobe included an Egyptian-inspired leotard and cape with glittering embellishment (shown above); a hologram-fabric bodysuit complete with jacket and boots; a yellow college hoodie with BΔK emblazoned in glitter on its front; a sheer minidress featuring a 2018 Beyoncé crest with a variety of insignias from a panther to black-yellow bee to a pyramid with an Egyptian eye inside of it.


You can watch Beyoncé's upcoming Coachella performance this weekend via live.coachella.com.

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