Behind The Scenes Richart Ruddie is Helping the Underworld of LA & Hollywood With Online Issues

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Privacy, Protection, and Security are three things Hollywood Elite treasure. Finding individuals who can deliver that to them is a rarity. The public impression in Hollywood is so important that we’ve found perception to become reality and a select few can create that narrative for the who’s who of Los Angeles.

With the ever-growing popularity of TikTok & Social media, businesses and individuals are moving to the realization that what they are online as a brand is what their reputation is. So, making sure there’s positivity flowing and scandals going unnoticed this is a key focus for agencies, actors, and those in the entertainment industry.

Having a positive image online not only builds the credibility of a brand or a celebrity/ influencer but also boosts growth through word-of-mouth promotions, which is regarded as the most effective marketing tool. When visual and intangible aspects of a brand align in real and virtual media, it drives referrals and accelerates sales. Hence, the impact of an online reputation for celebrities, entrepreneurs, businesses, and brands cannot be over-emphasized.

The underworld of Hollywood has a lot of dark secrets. Lawyers, Public Relations Firms, and fixers come to a guy named Richart Ruddie, a digital entrepreneur, and a brand management expert to fix these online issues and squash gossip stories before the headlines break.

Ruddie has been helping the Hollywood Elite & Celebrities for the better part of the last 12 years. Brands and individuals repurpose and shape their public perception with his company BRANDefenders. It is a digital marketing company dominating the brand and reputation management realm for the last 12 years. Ruddie has made headlines in the past for being called the Ray Donovan of the internet by finding creative ways to help victims of Doxxing, Cyber Bullying, Online Defamation, and Stalking to stop the attacks and help re-build their image online. One of the latest consulting services they started to provide is helping users regain control of their social media accounts. Accounts on Twitter & Instagram have been susceptible to hackers and Ruddie has been the knight in shining armor helping users to get their accounts back after nefarious actors use tricky tactics to take over their accounts.

BranDefenders which has a team mostly based in Utah leans on Ruddie to connect with the Hollywood Elite to help them with their issues. The ORM company shapes online searches through strong PR and proven techniques to curtail the impact of negative comments and promote positive content to get them in the spotlight and can even change the Google Autocomplete results.

Besides making negative content less discoverable online, BRANDefenders also removes such articles from the internet and enact some damage control measures with their crisis management and communications department. The company has proprietary legal techniques to insulate such content to prevent them from appearing in future searches. Richart Ruddie, the Mensa behind the set of reputation management companies, has already developed a long list of delighted clients who found measurable growth with online referrals. Given its antecedent and quality of service the company provides its clients, it has made a name for itself and cemented its spot among top brand management service companies in the world.


Richart Ruddie is a master of developing new reputation repair strategies as he is known to wear multiple hats as he’s parlayed his digital marketing success into other industries. Besides being a serial entrepreneur, he is an avid art collector, effective altruist, real estate developer, and travel enthusiast. Ruddie has secured the spotlight in the online brand & reputation management industry by developing software and processes that identifies and resolves PR issues for brands, celebrities, and influencers online. He loves to give back to the community by sharing his knowledge on the safe and secured use of data on digital media.

As a celebrated panel speaker at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, Ruddie shared valuable information on digital footprints and themes of global start-ups in the evolving internet landscape. He has also authored books on Amazon and appeared in popular podcasts related to music and DJing. Ruddie has also appeared on Insomniac’s Night Owl Radio show along with famous DJs like Diplo, Alison Wonderland, Jauz, and Eric Prydz.

Acknowledging the significance of branding and protecting that image in the online space has always been top of mind for Ruddie as an interesting condiment that drives business growth like an invisible wand that can increase or decrease your bottom line. Kowing that competitors might intentionally sabotage a competitors brand as a marketing technique to acquire a monopoly or as Richart has seen in Hollywood one celebrity attacking another to get ahead. He emphasized in our conversation that brands today should deliver top-tier services for their clients and engage with both their patrons and a qualified public relations firm on how to connect and message their clientele to avoid cancel culture. He further asserts that a brand ought to live up to its Ads promises, and failure to do so might result in irreparable reputation damage in the long run.

With hopes to continue his fight against unfair results on internet searches online he’s been a cyber maid who considers hanging up his hat like other PR greats. He wants to focus on something new but in the meantime he’s back and forth between California and the Miami area creating innovative programs to craft campaigns that can replace detrimental and unfair articles with genuine and positive content for the Hollywood Elite and everyone in between.

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