Anthony Farrer Reveals His Future Plans and Goals in both Business and Personal Life

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 19, 2021 | Sponsored Post

Successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common- they never stop moving. No matter how successful you think you are, you should never stop striving for more, trying to be better and bigger. In fact, they say the only time you should stop moving is when you pass away. Even the top 10 richest men in the world are working tirelessly to outdo themselves. However, growing and striving to be better shouldn't be a competition with anyone else but yourself; let each day be better than the last.


Someone who truly understands this philosophy is one you probably know as the Timepiece Gentleman, Anthony William Farrer. Poor boy from Sherman, Texas; raised by foster parents, became an alcoholic as a teenager, convicted twice for multiple DUIs, lost his twin brother to drunk driving and missed the birth of his son because he was on his way to prison, Anthony is one of the few who have defied the script based on what he has done with his life.

Today, he is the proud owner of Gentleman Timepieces, a company he built from scratch. He had nothing but a record, but he also had passion, resilience, and a desire to succeed. Although he has built a multi-million dollar business, grossing $10 million within three years, the Timepiece Gentleman is not resting on his oars. Both as a businessman and a proud young father, Anthony says there's still a lot more to do.

While it took him just three years to build a 7-figure business, Anthony Farrer is setting new goals for himself and his team. "We're looking at building a $100 million dollar business in the next three years," he said during a recent interview. "We know how ambitious that is, but that is how much we're willing to push ourselves. I guess you can say we trust in ourselves and what we do and we believe the public trusts us as well based on our track record, so we believe we can do this," he adds.

Maybe for some it's a tall dream, too big to achieve, but when it comes to achieving the unthinkable, no one quite does it better than the Timepiece Gentleman. Think about it; he built a $10 million dollar business from nothing in three years. There's no reason why he can't build a $100 million dollar empire from $10 million.

Realizing that achieving a vision requires getting the team on board, Anthony Farrer is building a culture of passion, service and resilience among his employees. Those are the three key components that got him this far and he intends to drive that culture into the very fabric of the entire team at Gentleman Timepieces. Delegating important tasks further enhances that sense of responsibility and belonging that every employee desires.

Gentleman Timepieces is already a household name within the wristwatch ecosystem in the United States. But for Anthony, the goal is to go global. "The Internet and social media have created endless possibilities in business. There's no part of the world that we cannot reach. By establishing reliable and safe delivery channels to several parts of the world, I believe we can truly become a global force in the industry and serve people in other countries and regions", he enthused.

Before going global, Anthony says they must go beyond a team and grow into a community; a chain of dealers spread across the country and other parts of the world, promoting the brand and values of Gentleman Timepieces. "We want to build a community in the wristwatch industry. So that wherever you are in the country or even in the world, you can say, 'Yes, I got this through a Gentleman Timepieces agent and I'm sure of the authenticity', you know," he added.

On a personal note, Anthony Farrer has continued to make up for lost times with his son. Although his business is demanding, he always finds time for family. You'll see him every other day posing for photographs with his son at fun spots. But even that is not enough, Anthony says he intends to travel the world with his son and, perhaps, learn three languages in the process. Well, he didn't say what languages they'll be but we can all keep our fingers crossed and watch this inspiring young man as he continues to break new grounds.

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