Anil ‘The Jeweler' Dobani - What Places Atlanta's Leading Jeweler Above The Rest

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 29, 2021 | Sponsored Post,


The jewelry industry in Atlanta isn't something the city's famous for, but it's quite a lucrative market to get into nevertheless. However, that's a challenging prospect, seeing how stiff the competition is; In-Store Magazine noted that an in-person jewelry expo drew over 100 vendors. In such a business, how does an entrepreneur, especially a solo one, stand out? It takes a bit of courage, some determination, and a value proposition that's backed by a vast social media presence. Luckily, Anil Dobani has all of these and knows how to make the best use of them. But what sets this youthful jeweler apart from the rest of the competition?

Starting From the Bottom
Anil's journey began as a social media expert for another jewelry firm. After some time, his expertise came to the notice of other retailers who hired him to get their stores’ social media profiles into the limelight. Learning social media so intently allowed him to open his own brand and grow the followers with the same principles. Within a few months, he had a whopping 28,000 followers on Instagram, but he wasn't done by a long shot. Some of those followers turned out to be celebs from the NFL and NBA, and they were interested in purchasing their jewelry directly from him. As a preferred supplier, his popularity skyrocketed, and today he serves many clients from all walks of life.

Marketing With Personality
Anil's most vital component in his social media marketing campaigns is his personality. Brand authenticity is one thing that clients pay close attention to when it comes to businesses. “I think personally interacting with clients is what gives me insight into their ideas,” Anil notes. Since his company deals in bespoke merchandise, this is a crucial part of his investigation process. Interaction to this level makes him into a real person in his followers’ eyes, not just another brand. This authenticity creates customer loyalty and allows him to use organic marketing to increase his reach to new areas.

Meeting the Needs of the Customer
At its heart, a business provides a solution to a problem. “We believe everyone should be able to afford high-quality jewelry,” Anil Dobani states, “and we make that happen.” The mindset that one doesn't need to be a millionaire to have fabulous jewelry makes his business stand out. Instead of focusing solely on individuals who want a way to flaunt their money through jewelry, he finds those who want access to custom, quality pieces but may not be as well off financially. Working within their budgets, Anil offers them a solution they can pay for that looks like it's worth far more. Anil understands that, in jewelry, appearances are everything. He ensures that all of his pieces fit the client’s vision as closely as possible.

Solid Teachings for All Walks of Business
While Anil is an Instagram marketer, he's also a very shrewd businessman who understands how marketing works. Social media marketing may be different on each platform, but not so different so that the basic tenets don't still apply. Once an entrepreneur knows what their consumers want and delivers it to them, half of the problem is already solved. The other half is ensuring that the buyers know the business exists. For that, there's no better tool than social media.

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