Agent Nateur Is the Green Beauty Brand of the Moment

By Christina Najjar | July 12, 2019 | Lifestyle

Agent Nateur is a results-driven green beauty company committed to sourcing the most effective, nontoxic ingredients from Europe and small suppliers in the United States. The founder, Jena Covello, formulates Agent Nateur's skincare products in Grasse, Paris and Los Angeles. Ingredients are not made with any harsh chemicals and are backed by science. The runaway success of the brand is a testament to the strength of the products.


What was your original inspiration for the brand?
JENA COVELLO: I have stage 4 endometriosis. My doctors told me to steer clear of aluminum antiperspirant because it is an endocrine disruptor and can mimic estrogen. I couldn’t find a natural deodorant that worked so I created my own. I wanted to elevate the deodorant space because nothing was luxurious or natural. Each product I release is something that I make out of necessity for myself. I went to school in the south of France for natural cosmetics and fragrances and I source most of my ingredients in Europe so telling that story has been a very important part of the inspiration behind Agent. I always gave my friends supplements so I called myself the Agent of Nature. I added a French twist to the name.

Why is Green Beauty so important to you?
JC: What we put on our skin is just as important as the food we eat. Your underarms can absorb up to 100% of what you apply to them and the rest of your body up to 60%. With technology so advanced in green skincare, there’s no reason not to make the switch. We work with one of the most advanced labs in Europe who is responsible for creating the most powerful anti-aging ingredients for green beauty. The actives are all backed by science with a lot of clinical testing. They work even better than the synthetics on the marketplace because they aren’t irritating the skin. They also aren’t disrupting hormones. Let’s take glycolic acid for example. At first, it seems to work amazing and really closes the pores. But after a few months, it begins stripping the skin, pore size increases and it begins to tax the adrenal glands. It is also derived from formaldehyde. A safe alternative is lactic acid.

What's been the most rewarding part of building your own brand from the ground up?
JC: Having the freedom to work the way I wish to work, building an incredible team, working between France and LA, formulation, designing, art directing my photo shoots, being my own boss and having the flexibility to rest when I need it. Women who have endometriosis need sympathy. We have chronic pain and it can be very difficult to maintain a nine to five job. I am building awareness around this issue and hope that more companies give their employees extended time off to live their lives and heal their bodies. 99% of the people who worked with me from the beginning are still with me. I try to be as flexible as they need me to be and I give a lot of freedom. It has been such an incredible experience building a loyal team who I trust and appreciate.


What's your favorite product right now?
JC: My eye serum! There’s nothing like it. It feels like a cooling gel and it looks amazing under and over makeup. It helps with dark circles, it brightens and removes fine lines under the eyes. It’s also an amazing highlighter over makeup.

What are you most excited about for summer?
JC: Planning my trip to Europe! I am just waiting until September because it’s too hot now. I’ve been formulating my SPF that is all natural and safe for the environment in the South of France for over two years and it’s nearly completed. In September I will formulate one for the face when I return to France. And then I will go to Portofino and Capri to relax.

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