A Look Inside the Closets of L.A.'s Most Stylish

By Alexandria Abramian | March 13, 2018 | Style & Beauty Feature

For some of LA’s most stylish people, wardrobes are more than mere size. For two Hollywood A-listers and a lifestyle blogger, the closet is not just where clothes are stored and staged, but also where personas are formed and dreams are realized.



Film and television producer Jonas Bell Pasht’s aha moment with clothes came in his early 20s in Rome: “A friend introduced me to the world of custom-made clothes. When I put on those first custom shirts, I found it to be empowering, and I wanted to learn more about it,” says the 37-year-old, who is currently producing The Redemption Project with Van Jones for CNN. Since that visit to Italy, Pasht’s passion for clothing has only increased, and the vintage-inspired men’s dressing room in his Los Feliz home oers what he calls “a window into my soul.”

You have a lot of suits! I have about 50 or 60; half of them are custom made. The other half are interesting vintage nds that span over a century.
And no shortage of accoutrements, either! My hat, tie, suspender and shoe collection are all on display. I also have a collection of men’s style and history books, as well as vintage pocket watches and cuff links.
Any favorite designers? No. I’m not interested in designers or labels at all.
Do you ever dress down? I’m almost always in some form of a jacket or suit and tie. The logo of our company is the silhouette of someone wearing a tie and jacket. I like to feel that I’m keeping the ame of old-time Hollywood style alive. The bar is set so low in LA because there is this weird fear, especially among guys. They’re afraid they’ll look like they’re trying too hard. Or worse, that they’re an agent or a lawyer! jbp@citizenjones.com



Scrap the clutter, fuss and pattern: Graphic designer and major lifestyle blogger Kimberly Lapides has carved a cultlike following for her take on easygoing, less-is-more chic. Ground zero is her Huntington Beach ranch-style home where the 34-year-old converted a bedroom into a dream dressing space.

Why the all-white wardrobe? It’s meant to reect my style: classic, clean, chic.
You’re a fashion blogger, but this closet isn’t overstued with clothes. It’s really curated. If something is coming in, it has to be really really special.
Such as? I recently got this amazing Isabel Marant hobo bag. That’s one of the stars in my closet right now.
Fave designer? Elizabeth and James is at the top. Describe your uniform. A cashmere sweater, boyfriend denim and sliders. My husband hates when I wear things that are too baggy, so it’s really about nding the right amount of looseness in things.
So does this minimalist have any hidden hording tendencies? Sunglasses. I love them and have quite the collection that goes from Ray-Bans to Célines. And cashmere dusters. I probably have about 20. I even have some cashmere for my dog, Lola, too! @eatsleepwear



As a vice president of BWR, power publicist Gary Mantoosh prefers to dress the part of the bygone celebrity booster: “As a representative, I want to represent,” says the Newport, R.I., native. “Both on and off-time need to be really put together,” says Mantoosh, 38, whose Instagram feed reflects a chameleon-like ability to dress the part to perfection: Everything from red-carpet movie premieres with clients to downtime playing tennis in Palm Springs is given careful sartorial calibration.

Does your closet have a split personality? One side is the polos and cardigans, V-neck sweaters and casual day pants. The other side is my suits, jackets, slacks and tuxedos for award shows.
How many tuxedos, to be exact? Four.
Who are some of your stars when it comes to suits? Valentino, Tom Ford, Burberry. I have custom-made suits as well. But I also like to mix things up, so maybe I’ll wear a Dolce three-piece with a button-down from H&M.
Who are your style icons? Cary Grant, Errol Flynn, Rock Hudson.
But aren’t you swimming upstream in Hollywood’s current-day cult of casual? The superboho-chic thing is something I can totally respect, but it’s not my comfort zone. Call me old-school: I’m more condent when I’m wearing a blazer. @garymantoosh