Vodka Joins Ignite International's Beverage Lineup

Thomas Herd | February 12, 2020 | Trends

Traditionally viewed as Dan Blizerian’s cannabis company, under the leadership of company executives such as President Curtis Heffernan and Marketing Director Erin Drummond, Ignite International Brands, Ltd. has evolved as a disruptor across a range of industries; from cannabis to CBD to alkaline waters and now vodka.


This week, Ignite International plans to debut their new IGNITE branded premium purely-distilled, gluten free vodka at its annual Valentine’s event in Los Angeles which will be covered by the Associated Press.

Curtis Heffernan, Ignite International’s President, made the release official with his statement: “We’ve been hard at work perfecting our products for our consumers, and with the introduction of vodka, we’re continuing to push the envelope and disrupt the beverage category with our premium quality products. We’re excited to add vodka to our portfolio of premium products and introduce a spirit that meets the high industry standards the IGNITE brand is known for.”

Ignite International continues to increase its revenue diversification by entering into new product markets such as bottled water and alcohol..

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