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California Yacht Club has the opportunity to own various sponsored content programs on Working with California Yacht Club, Los Angeles Confidential will curate original sponsored content, sponsored social posts, and content for our opt-in email subscribers, while ensuring conversion goals and deliverables are met.


Partnership Strategy

Custom Content

Los Angeles Confidential will produce custom sponsored content relating to Califonia Yacht Club. Possible topics could include: 

     - Things To Know About California Yacht Club    
     - Activities To Do At California Yacht Club    
     - Technical Features   
     - Different Types Of Yachts 

Los Angeles Confidential will ensure that the content is relevant to CYC's marketing objectives, while still being timely and relevant to our readers. All content will contain a custom call-to-action to push traffic to Each new post will be given prime homepage-rotator placement for 1 week (and live on in perpetuity).


New content will be released over 2 months on, with new content being released every 2 weeks.


Los Angeles Confidential will promote content via the homepage of Content will also be promoted via our robust social media platforms including TwitterFacebook, and Instagram, as well as promoted via our opt-in email subscriber list.

Additional Media

In additon to the custom content campaign, CYC will receive traditional ROS display ads on, pop-up ads/videos, as well as 1 dedicated email blast to drive traffic to the CYC homepage & create general awareness.


- 4 sponsored posts with custom CTA & homepage rotator placement
- Facebook push for each sponsored post
- Instagram push for each sponsored post
- Twitter push for each sponsored post
- 1 promotional edit placement in e-newsletter
- 1 dedicated e-blast
- 2 months ROS advertising at 33% SOV
- 2 weeks homepage popup

Commitment: $5500/month for 2 month program



Our  Audience

Through our strategic distribution model and significant investment in verified data from Nielsen Claritas, GreenGale Publishing is the only regional, lifestyle publishing company that is guaranteed to reach the sophisticated and affluent audience in each of our cities.

• Annual Household Income of $200,000 or More
• Income-Producing Assets of $750,000 or More


• Our sites receive over 50,000 unique visitors a month, and generate over 100,000 pageviews
• We maintain a strong social presence in each of our markets, with 9,000 Twitter followers,  12,000 Facebook likes, and 8,300 Instagram followers. 
• We also have a strong email marketing platform, with 19,000 high quality, opt-in subscribers across the GreenGale network.


• Our sites use a custom PHP backend, which allows us greater flexibility with custom content than our competitiors. Sites are fully scalable, and optimized for desktop, tablet, and mobile. 








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For further information, please contact: 

Matt Stewart
Director of Editorial Relations for Jewelry & Watch and Account Director

[email protected]