Assia Grazioli-Venier and BLAZÉ Milano Host Cocktail Party to Celebrate Made-to-Order Collection

| April 8, 2019 | Parties

Assia Grazioli-Venier hosted an elite networking and shopping event in collaboration with designer Delfina Pinardi, co-founder of BLAZÉ Milano, to showcase her amazing Made-to-Order blazers for female entrepreneurs. Taking place at Grazioli-Venier's Pacific Palisades residence, the party exuded a mid-century aesthetic that turned into a Milanese affair while the guests tried on blazers, looked at fabrics, and picked unique details to personalize the clothing. The brand focuses on empowering women through tailored, personal attire that will help them tackle any business venture with confidence. Assia's mission to introduce the incredible brand to "power women" in different professional fields was a success with guests including Sophia Bush, Natalia Bonifacci, and Rebecca Lee Funk.

Photography by: Sean Behr