2 Fitness Studios to Help You Get In Shape For the New Year

By Kathryn Romeyn | January 2, 2019 | Lifestyle

New Year's fitspiration begins with two new facilities where famous faces get their sweat on.

the-wall.jpgWho said fitness can’t be fun? At The Wall, you get both.

In a crowded workout scene like LA’s, trainers must be transformational to earn the respect of Tinseltown’s A-listers. Two innovators who’ve accomplished just that are Pieter Vodden and Jason Wimberly. Vodden’s Pharos Athletic Club in Echo Park (1316 Glendale Blvd.) just doubled in size to 15,000 square feet at the urging of star clients such as Jason Momoa, Sam Heughan and Margot Robbie, all of whom Vodden has trained for heroic, high-intensity film roles. The revamp brings a boxing ring, second-floor gourmet coffee and a rotating gallery space and, most importantly, increased access to Vodden and his team’s precision approach to results-oriented fitness.

pharos-spin.jpgShake off all of that holiday indulgence with a spin class at Pharos.

“We both command and cure,” says Vodden, who believes “purpose is key. There is no one-class fix-all solution. We offer a multiplicity that allows our members to carve out a path unique to their own journey.” Vodden, along with mobility and repair expert Emylee Covell and co-owner Jeff Scarborough, are able to sculpt bodies into the superhero “V” shape—big chest, shoulders, arms and a trim waist—as well as lean out an actress for a red-carpet dress via diet, strength training and cardiovascular work. He advises those seeking peak physical shape to “find something you enjoy that you can be consistent with.” As for motivational skills, Vodden promises: “Training is a vehicle for strength, passion, ability and fortitude, and it will cross over into the rest of your life. Doing it better in here will help you do everything better out there.”

pharos-instructors.jpgPharos Athletic Club’s big guns, Pieter Vodden, Emylee Covell and Jeff Scarborough.

Unwavering dedication is also essential for Wimberly: “Fitness and health need to be a lifestyle choice,” he says, not a fleeting moment at an opportune time. His M.O.: Make exercise fun and a little more fabulous, and thus easier to stick with. The group fitness classes he spent years devising for The Wall (730 S. La Brea Ave.), his new 5,000-square-foot, green-certified studio, are packed to the Hollywood gills. Results—for clients including Selma Blair, Jane Lynch and Annabeth Gish—are tracked via a heart-rate monitor and revealed in private emails. 123STACK is the signature session: a 10-minute core workout followed by 20 minutes of synchronized weight training and 30 minutes of fast-paced indoor cycling, during which Wimberly’s encouraging words and spritely dance moves keep riders engaged well past exhaustion. “If you want to change most of your body as quickly as possible, you need to move as much of it as possible! Don’t waste time sitting on machines focusing on single body parts,” says Wimberly, adding that finishing with cardio burns far more calories and fat. It’s never easy, but Wimberly’s methods are scientifically proven. “What works and what people think they want are often two very different things. I always remind myself and others that good things in life are always worth the hard work.”